2022 Chupacabra Batch

2022 1st Batch: 3.5": Chupacabra Frame Lock

Your non-refundable $100 deposit guarantees you a Chupacabra from Old Dominion Knifework's first batch order.  The cost covers all materials listed under "Base Chupacabra".  Upgrades are available if you would like to customize your tool to fit your style.  Final products should be ready in 60-90 days; final payments will be invoiced upon completion.

Base Chupacabra

  • Blade

    • Length: 3.5"

    • Steel: 0.187" Nitro-V

  • 0.160" Titanium Frame Lock

  • Delrin Caged Ceramic Bearing

  • Titanium Clip

  • Titanium Collar

  • Titanium or Carbon Fiber Backspacer*

  • Scales

    • Full Titanium (6)
    • Marble Carbon Fiber (2)
    • Bronze Fat Carbon (1)
    • Thunderstorm Kevlar (1)
    • Burgundy Linen Micarta (2)
    • Zirconium (1)

* material will be chosen based on availability by maker

Available Upgrades

Material used for upgrades is available in limited quantities and is sold on a first come, first serve basis 

  • Blade Steel

    • Baker Forge Cu-Mai

    • Nichols Damascus XHP Core

    • Nichols Damascus Stainless Wavepool

  • Clips

    • Zirconium

    • Black Timascus

  • Collars

    • Zirconium

    • Black Timascus

    • Copper (no additional charge, but needs to be added to cart)

  • Backspacer

    • Black Timascus

  • Custom milling available for show/clip side; a consultation with the maker will be required for design and cost