Hogsplitter Batch

ODKW's first batch of the 'Hogsplitter'; a folding cleaver based on a 5" Chupacabra frame

The Hogsplitter is 11" OAL featuring a .25" Nitro-V 5" w/ 4 3/8th" cutting edge.  This blade runs on Delrin caged ceramic ball bearings and detent. Knives in this batch will be full titanium with the option of a plain titanium scale or titanium adorning maker's choice milling.

Additional upgrades will include:

Aerospace CF scale (2 available) $100

Black timascus clip $125

Black timascus collar $100

Nichols magnacut core low-layer boomerang blade steel (2 available) $300

Elongated skull f*cker backspacer $50

A $100 non-refundable deposit secures your spot in the batch.  Upgrades are available as separate products under the Hogsplitter collection 

Please add every upgrade desired to the cart prior to checkout to ensure you are only charged for the deposit today.

**** Please select the "cart" icon in the upper righthand corner.  In the bottom right corner above checkout select "Hogsplitter deposit" to edit the total amount due today.  **** The deposit button can only be added in the cart 

Full payment is due upon completion. Knives will be held for up to 30 days, failure to complete payment within this time period forfeits your deposit and the knife will be posted for sale.